Lead PI and Managing Director of the Laboratory


My name is Chi-Ming CHE, a Chair Professor in Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong and I am also the Managing Director of LSCCB.


LSCCB marks a historical landmark in Hong Kong Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology as well as Interdisciplinary Research that connects Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Clinical Medicines.  For decades, frontier basic research has been or is conducted inside universities, prime duties of which are to provide quality undergraduate and postgraduate education and platforms for basic research.  Fully funded by Innovation Technology Commission, this is the first time in Hong Kong that well-equipped research laboratories for undertaking frontier basic and translational research can start to emerge outside the tertiary institutions of Hong Kong.  This is a momentous change of research ecosystems and marks the start of golden time in the development of Science and Technology in Hong Kong.  This is certainly a golden time in my Research career, too.  I am hoping for successful growth of LSCCB that will lay a foundation for establishment of National Innovation Centre in Hong Kong, which would become the engine to power the development of Science and Technology for the benefit of Mankind.