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Incorporated in 2020, Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Limited (LSCCB) operates as a research centre of the Health@InnoHK cluster launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, aiming at integrating Chemical and Biomedical Sciences for the treatment of diseases with an emphasis on cancer and traditional Chinese medicine therapeutics


We have established a strong interdisciplinary research league from internationally reputed universities including Imperial College London (ICL) in the United Kingdom; Peking University (PKU) in China; and The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and other research institutes integrating collaborative and concerted efforts in Synthetic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Chinese Medicine, Bio-imaging, Multi-Omics Technologies and Cancer Biology to conduct impactful research in drug discovery and biomedical sciences.


We strive to bring innovation to society with close collaboration with local, regional, national, and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and/or venture capitals with a set of goals from generating patentable technological know-hows to drug leads and novel molecular probes to product commercialization for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, showcasing Hong Kong’s capacity to develop innovative chemical and biomedical research enterprises.


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Our Vision and Mission


To integrate synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, Chinese medicine and multi-Omics technology to develop new medicines and diagnostic tools for treating and analyzing human diseases, with an emphasis on cancer.


By integrating the strengths of the tripartite alliance, the Laboratory aims to evolve into a world-class premier centre of novel discovery of therapeutics and diagnostics, whose accomplishments will showcase HK’s capacity in developing innovative chemical and biomedical research enterprises.


New metal medicines, relative non-toxic natural products, and traditional Chinese medicines are to be developed for treatment of Advanced Metastatic Cancers and used in precision and personalised oncology and immuno-oncology as cancer treatment. We aim to contribute to “Converting Advanced Metastatic Cancers into Treatable Chronic Disease and Improving the Survival Outcome of Cancer Patients”.


To build strategic collaborations with international and national research institutes and pharmaceutical companies, particularly in the Greater Bay Area, to co-develop innovative patentable drug leads and medical diagnostic probes.


The Laboratory will also accumulate a critical mass of talents who share the same passion, and nurture the next generation of young scientists for interactive collaboration and dialogues between academics and industry in Hong Kong, the UK, the USA and China – an incubation centre.