Programme III: Metal Anticancer Medicine, Diagnostics and Theranostics

Metal coordination compounds have unique roles in Anticancer Medicine and Diagnostics. Bioactive metal compounds have unique therapeutic properties owing to the distinct reactivity of metal ions which are not shared by most organic drug compounds. Meanwhile, the application of bioinorganic metal chemistry in diagnostics offers considerable possibilities for developing highly sensitive and precise bio-imaging and diagnostic agents because of the diverse, highly tunable properties of metal complexes by adopting appropriate ligands design. The programme is aimed to discover and develop metal compounds for cancer treatment and diagnosis.


Research Foci

  • Anticancer Metal Compounds with Superior Efficacies and Safety
  • Development of New PET/MRI Agents for Non-Invasive Diagnostic Imaging
  • Chemical Toolbox for Biosensing and Disease Analysis
  • Luminescent Transition Metal Complexes as Bioimaging and Theranostic Agents