Programme IV: Multi-Omics and Innovative Analytical Technologies for InnoHealth

The application of omics analysis becomes indispensable in solving basic biological problems as well as medical research and clinical applications such as diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. Multi-omics provides the means to understand the dynamic links of information that underlies health, diseases, and therapy. This strategy not only allows a holistic view of complex systems, but also turns the hypothesis approach to an unbiased data-driven one. Hence, the bioinformatics which based on machine learning or artificial intelligent becomes a vital element of integration in multi-omics research.


The programme is aimed to develop a multi-omics platform with start-of-the-art facilities and mass spectrometers for proteomics, metabolomics, drug targets and mechanistic studies as well as apply innovative analytical technologies for biomedical research, drug discovery and development, and medical diagnosis.


Research Foci

  • Biological Mass Spectrometry for Target Identification
  • Development of Chemical Proteomics Technology and Applications
  • Innovative Analytical Technology Development and Applications
  • Multi-Omics Platforms for Biomarker Discovery and Diagnostics