Graduate Student

Ms. Mengyue GAO

B.Sc. (Shangqiu Normal Uni); M.Sc. (Central China Normal Uni)
​Research Interests: Synthesis of nickel complexes and their applications in photocatalyzed reactions.

Ms. Lucy Caiyun LUO

B.Sc. (China Agricultural Uni); M.Phil. (HKU)
Research Interests: ​Using omics technology to deconvolution the cell response upon stimulation; Investigate immune response upon stimulation.

Mr. Zijian WANG
B.Sc. (BJTU); M.Sc. (Columbia Uni)
Research Interests: Machine learning algorithm, deep learning, drug discovery.

Ms. Hanyue XIAO

B.Sc. (Shandong Normal Uni); M.Sc. (CityU)
Research Interests: ​Anti-cancer drug study and its biological application study.

B.Sc. (SUSTech); M.Sc. (Harbin Inst Tech)
Research Interests: ​Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry; Transition metal catalysis.


Mr. Penghe ZHAO

B.Sc. (Jilin Uni); M.Sc. (Shenzhen Uni)
Research Interests: ​Cancer nanotheranostics; Targeted drug delivery; Controlled drug release and bio-imaging in nanomedicine.

Ms. Ting ZHOU

B.Sc. (Yantai Uni); M.Phil. (Xiamen Uni)
Research Interests: ​Structural study of metal complexes targeting Hsp90.