Commercialisation and Technology Transfer

Self Photos / Files - image48We aim to develop our research discoveries into new drug leads and novel diagnostics for cancer. We believe that the best and fastest way to translate our discoveries into tangible benefits for cancer patients is through technology licensing, contract services, collaborations and the establishment of strategic partnerships with different industries.


We provide a platform to work with the pharmaceutical, Chinese Medicine, biotechnological and diagnostic industries in Hong Kong and Mainland China in both early stage research and mid-to late-stage product development by a scientific and evidence-based approach.



We have a strong track record of collaboration and partnership with industry. We work together on the projects where each party brings their own expertise to facilitate the translational research and product development.



The wide range of groundbreaking research projects on drug development and diagnostic discovery undertaken at the Laboratory constantly increases our portfolio of knowhow and intellectual property. We welcome contact from companies interested in licensing any of our technologies and products.



We are available for external consultancy tasks to share our knowledge and experience with industry, government and the public sector to meet their needs.


Investments, Spinouts and Startups

We take opportunity to invest in spinouts and initiate startups to commercialize our own research leading to the formation of sustainable businesses.


Contact Us

Interested parties may contact LSCCB’s Business Development Section